offer me personally – by Loofer – Husband of a uncommon spouse, talks her into residing out their dream of viewing with have sex to a different guy. (Mm+/F, slutwife, intr, exh, bd, gb, cuck)

Seven Hundred And Eleven Cigarettes – by Blackzilla – A sensitively written story about a lady whom does not like her body. One evening while experiencing smoking withdrawal she heads off to the regional convenience shop. After buying the required products she actually is pretty much to have right straight straight back inside her automobile whenever a dark guy materializes behind her. She actually is meant to do things she does not wish to accomplish, or does she? (MF, intr, cigarettes)

Sex Addicts Anonymous – by Mucho-Mucho – a person struggling to overcome his intimate addictions gets unique “help” from his counselor Pam. She’s got a pal who desires an excellent screw and seduces her client into making her buddy happy. (MF/F, intr, preg? )

Intercourse In The Arab World – by IAH – for several years, i have worked and fucked round the center East and North Africa, therefore I can consult with authority about intercourse among Arab guys and men. (MM, intr, gay, armed forces)

Intercourse in the Underground – by Cindy – Two girls strat to get down with one another on the train, into the interest of two guys that are finally encouraged to participate in. (FF/Mm-teens, bi, exh, intr, oral, anal, orgy)

Intercourse Train, The – by Anon – Two strangers on a train skout live masturbate for every single other. (MF, mast, exh, intr)

Sexy Cuckold Hubby – by Terry – ample wife allows cuckold hubby participate in from the fun because. Among the girls. (MMF, bi, intr, rom)

Sex Party Girls – by Seximom – Going in to the celebration we became an instantaneous hit with all the current dudes and quickly discovered myself during my very very first gangbang. (M+/F, mf-teens, spouse, exh, intr, gb, orgy, preg)

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