Professor-Student duo respected for research on ‘hookup culture’

Known R&B duo Salt-N-Pepa when stated, “Let’s talk about sex, baby. Let’s speak about most of the good stuff and most of the bad items that might be.”

Sociology professor Martin Monto would concur.

He can get the Hugo Beigel Award for Scholarly Excellence by the Society when it comes to study of sex for their research on “hookup culture” next month, that has already been covered extensively by major news businesses. This award is intended to advertise and reward research quality in sexology.

Monto has taught the sociology project that is senior for many years. Each semester, their students appear with studies societal that is regarding. One of his true pupils, Anna Carey, proposed to analyze the idea of hookup culture within today’s culture. Together, the hookup was compared by them tradition of two different generations of university students: pupils from 1988-1996 and 2004-2012.

“That concept of the hookup tradition just took culture that is popular storm, and everybody’s speaking about just how pupils today may take place in this no-holds-barred intimate play ground,” Monto stated. “So, I happened to be talking I said ‘Let’s find out!’ with her(Carey) about this and”

The theory for the project sprung from a seminar Carey went to concerning the topic on campus.

Carey and Monto delved entirely to the extensive research of “hookup culture.” Their objective would be to determine if university students these times were more taking part in casual activity that is sexual of dating than past generations.

Monto and Carey contrasted pupils through the two different generations making use of data through the General Social Survey. On that database, there is a study carried out every year with students around the world that expected pupils different questions regarding their intercourse life and behavior that is sexual university. Read the rest of this entry