Women’s Oppinion: How Can They Feel About Everyday Intercourse?

Aisha, student, 19

I do not feel safe making love with strangers. I actually do have to have a psychological connection. Casual intercourse makes me feel poor and shitty. I do believe sex is one thing you ought to tell somebody you worry about and I also would feel disgusting and dirty I didn’t have feelings for if I hooked up with someone. I do believe about if I would like to have intercourse with an individual before and do so. Intercourse does make me personally pleased, but i actually don’t just like the concept of casual intercourse. I believe the hold off to locate “the main one” will probably be worth it. The reason why we state it really is you can both feel sad together because I feel even if the sex isn’t great sometimes. Haha.

Lina, communications coordinator, 25

It is addicting. Sex with numerous males seems empowering for a time once you think all things are under your control. Then again you ask yourself, OK just exactly what next? You then become numb after a few years, and also you want in order to settle. It is one of many worst sort of depressions where you are feeling lonely particularly if you’re insecure and psychological just like me. There is a tendency that is huge you would wind up settling for anything you will get, and a lot of of the days it really is way lower than you deserve. It just damages you. Read the rest of this entry