A sex that is new whom’ll have non-safe sex to you has most likely had non-safe sex along with other intercourse buddies.

I will be a new homosexual guy whom happens to be therefore freaked away because of the notion of getting an STI that We have actuallyn’t gotten with anyone for 2 years. But yesterday, we connected with a pretty 21-year-old FTM trans child, and perhaps since it ended up being someone with woman components, we let caution get, with no condom had been used. Exactly just How concerned do I need to be about having made an infant with someone who is too young to own one?

Careful Homo In Loopy Dilemma

P.S. He could be on hormone treatment.

Here is a great principle for many you sex-havers available to you: An innovative new intercourse buddy whom’ll have non-safe sex with you has most likely had unsafe sex along with other intercourse buddies. Read the rest of this entry