Fitz calls Cyrus and asks him to come calmly to the Oval to have yelled at about Sally’s betrayal.

Fitz storms out after whining for a little and Mellie needs to understand exactly what took place with James. Cyrus finally breaks and starts sobbing at that moment. Mellie provides him a minute to gather himself, then informs him so it won’t destroy him. Fundamentally, he’ll be numb to the known fact that their husband cheated.

David falls by to inform Abby which he could not get Maya’s name off the No Fly List. Trying to take it off actually flagged it for Homeland safety. Maya’s willing to throw in the towel, but Olivia guarantees to locate another means. Needless to say, that other method involves her Fitz that is calling to and sob about Vermont and jam and young ones. Read the rest of this entry