Exactly What Can We Do comments that are about casual. ‘Maybe You Have Had Diction Lessons? ‘

An African United states businesswoman within the South writes: “I became talking to a white co-worker whenever, midway through the discussion, she smiled and stated, ‘You talk therefore demonstrably. Have you had diction classes? ‘ — like for an American that is african to demonstrably, we would need diction classes. “

A supervisor writes: “One of my workers constantly makes ‘jokes’ about individuals being ‘bipolar’ or ‘going postal’ or becoming ‘off their meds. ‘ I occur to realize that certainly one of our other workers — within earshot of those comments — is on medicine for despair. How do I stop the bad behavior without revealing proprietary information? “

One co-worker asks another if she really wants to venture out for meal. “We’re likely to get Ping-Pong chicken, ” she states, faking an accent that is vaguely asian. Read the rest of this entry