A bisexual man’s account of this first (and just) time he’s ever had intercourse with a guy

Here are some can be an anonymous account from certainly one of our buddies. In light of this present activities in Orlando, we think it is more essential than in the past to accomplish everything we can to get rid of shame and pursue the liberation that is true of. We remain hugely conflicted, embarrassed, odd and ashamed about intercourse. Register with our email list for first use of stories and solutions while they become available. If you want to talk about a tale from your sex life which you think other people will see intriguing and useful, please do get in touch at hello@cambyo.co.

We had kissed some guy before. A couple of times during my life.

Also it ended up being fine, it absolutely was fun that is harmless. Someplace as you go along we knew I legitimately think some are cute that I actually find men attractive. Exactly what does which means that for me personally? I became never ever precisely yes about this. Have always been We now gay? Bisexual? How can we define that? Do i want an identity that is new? Well, I figured we don’t fundamentally need labels but I guess bisexual fits the best for me if I must. I find representatives of both genders appealing, i suppose you might say We simply love individuals. Close to an identity that is short absolutely nothing changed from then on understanding. I simply maintained dating girls when I had been mostly thinking about them.

After which it simply happened. One fateful night, I’d sex with a guy for the very first time. Read the rest of this entry