10 Asian Guys Sexier Than 2017’s ‘Sexiest guy Alive’ Blake Shelton

Nation star, “The Voice” host, and Gwen Stefani’s beau that is current Blake Shelton, was selected as individuals Magazine’s “Sexiest guy Alive” for 2017 — which can be actually weirding down basically everyone else.

Individuals: Blake Shelton may be the sexiest guy Alive

Me personally: “Why is Blake Shelton trending, did he die or somethi-“

“Twitter: “Blake Shelton voted Sexiest Man Alive”

To be honest, we now have nothing contrary to the man, but we are able to totally name a bunch that is whole of hotties who deserve the honor a tad bit more. Therefore here’s a listing of them:


Godfrey Gao is certainly one guy that is ridiculously hot and after having had the pleasure of fulfilling him, we are able to state that he’s humble and chill also — making him even more attractive! Since the Asian that is first male for Louis Vuitton, he absolutely must be cream for the crop to split those variety of obstacles. And whom does not love a guy who are able to rock stubble like he is able to? Really, Gao is a god among mortals, and certainly extremely worthy of the name “Sexiest guy Alive”!


There’s one thing therefore sexy about some guy whom could rip you in literally half like a phone book but chooses become mild alternatively. Read the rest of this entry